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Through our partner Commercial Law Solutions, Shelf Companies Australia can provide up-to-date Family, Unit or Superannuation Trust Deeds. These deeds are fully compliant with the latest legislative requirements.

Family Trusts

Set up a family trust online here

Like all Shelf Companies Australia products, our Family Trust deeds are prepared by leading legal professionals, and include;

  • Provision of 3 copies of the trust deed supplied in a fully-indexed Trust Register if required
  • Inclusion of all necessary internal documentation
  • Where appropriate, provision of the settlement sum, with Shelf Companies Australia acting as Settlor if required
  • Overnight delivery Australia-wide if required
  • All documentation available electronically if required.

Unit Trusts

Set up a unit trust online here

Our Unit Trust package includes;

  • Three copies of the fully bound Trust Deed for execution
  • Unit Certificates issued to all the Unit Holders
  • Minutes detailing the establishment of the Trust
  • All documentation available electronically if required; and
  • Trust Register provided on request.

Variations to Trust Deeds

We can issue variations to trust deeds when you need to make amendments to your discretionary (family) or unit trust deed for any reason including changes to trustee, exclude a beneficiary and any other reason. For straight forward variations changes come mostly be made within 24 hours. Contact us today to find out more.

Commercial Law Solutions

Brenda Hogg (B Com; LLB (Hons)) is the Principal of Commercial Law Solutions. She understands the commercial issues and realities faced by owners of both large and small businesses. Brenda has been practicing commercial law for over 8 years, her last position being Associate Principal at a prominent West Perth law firm.
Prior to commencing her legal career Brenda worked in marketing and sales management in a variety of industries. Brenda has managed, at senior executive level, the client services, marketing and distribution functions of a large Western Australian financial services organization. She has also operated her own management consulting practice providing advice to small business in key areas such as customer service, sales and marketing strategy, retail management and distribution networks. Brenda is on the Board of the Inner City Housing Developers Association. She is regularly asked to speak at Property Law seminars and has recently published an article in the Australian Property Law Journal on the legal issues arising when buying and subdividing land in Western Australia.