Superannuation Deeds

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Superannuation Deeds

The demand for greater flexibility and control over retirement savings, not possible with institutional superannuation products has increased the demand for privately managed superannuation funds.

A Shelf Companies Australia Superannuation Fund features:

  • Provision of 3 copies of the fund deed, thermally bound and supplied in a fully-indexed Fund Register
  • Inclusion of all necessary internal fund documentation
  • Full compliance with relevant legislation
  • Regular legal review of our deed and, where necessary, advice concerning updates
  • Overnight delivery, Australia-wide if required
  • All documentation available electronically if required.

Please complete the Superannuation Fund Order form to take advantage of these services.

Bare Trust Package

Shelf Companies Australia is able to provide you with a Bare Trust Package. Prepared by our SMSF partner, the package caters for the acquisition of an asset (typically property) by way or borrowing through a Super Fund. It includes a complete and thorough review of the SMSF deed.

  • Full review of your SMSF deed to ensure compliance
  • Bare Trust Deed
  • SMSF Trustee resolutions
  • Bare Trustee resolutions