Managing Your Business

we will make it easy for you!!

Our company has helped thousands of businesses get started over the years, and our team has started quite a few of our own.
Over that time, we have observed that there is a lot of paperwork and regulation to master, and that it often takes time and energy away from the passion for the new idea or concept.  It’s sad how many businesses love servicing their customers but get bogged down by the endless paperwork – don’t lose your enjoyment of being your own boss – hire us to take care of the dull bits.
We can help with:



    • Regulation summary – list relevant regulations for your business area
    • Applications/forms you need to meet these regulations
    • Reminders of key regulation dates

Registered office

    • We can accept your mail and be the contact point for any official correspondence
    • We can provide you a virtual address at our office, we can accept and scan your mail to you wherever you are.


We can arrange 3 quotes and manage

    • Business – damage/theft/interruption
    • Public liability
    • Keyman
    • Workers Compensation


    • Setup of internet/website domain
    • Setup of phones/VOIP/mobiles
    • Computer/Printer leasing
    • Electricity review

Company Secretarial services including:

    • Company name changes;
    • Changes of company type (eg.from Private to Public);
    • Converting companies to single director/member;
    • Adopting a new constitution;
    • Appointments and/or resignations of company officers;
    • Share issues, transfers and variations in classes or rights;
    • Share buybacks and conversions
    • Company deregistrations;
    • Company reinstatements;
    • Company searches;


    • Trading Account opening – ie. bank account setup
    • Merchant facility setup – ability to accept credit cards and paypal
    • Business Credit Card applications – to use cards for your own business expenses

Our team has filled out these forms hundreds of times!  This makes us quick at doing it and we can reuse the information we already hold on your file so you only have to provide the information needed that is new.
These services are charged by time used. Contact us and let us know what you would like assistance with and we can provide an estimate and get started making your life easier.
We also have access to large numbers of accountants and lawyers if you need advisers to support your business setup, we can offer you a number of referrals by location or specialty to assist in making the right choice for you.
Don’t let the paperwork bog you down – free up your time to work ON the business not IN the business…

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